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Please enjoy our website and we hope to see you soon at our shows

We are dedicated to promoting high quality, low cost, great value for money shows and tours in the Costa Blanca and UK. Our events programme has been put together after consulting with venues and artists, looking at the needs and want’s of the public and taking into account the current financial restrictions that most people find themselves in at this time. As such, we are proud to say that we have put together a unique assortment of themes for events that cover many tastes and all at very low cost. This makes Jukebox Promotions the best value for money entertainment provider in the UK and Costa Blanca. We are very proud of this!


New Feature

FLASHBACK – Great shows for Clubs, Theatres, Corporate, Weddings, Private events and stage shows – See the Flashback Page on this site NOW!


We offer a great opportunity to entertainers and venue owners. Whilst we are committed to working regularly with venues to mutual benefit, we are always looking for quality establishments (with a function room) in the region, that can house our shows and who want to experience the top quality entertainment we can bring to their customers.  If you own or manage a venue with a function room that can hold around 100 people of slightly more in the southern Costa Blanca and you would like to find out about our tour events, please see the contact page and get in touch for more details. 

We can also provide great entertainment for Cabaret dinner or cabaret dance features at good quality Restaurants in and around the Costa Blanca.  We can do this without any financial outlay to the restaurant and would love to hear from any owners / managers who would like to find out how this attractice opportunity can help get their bookings in and their customer coming back to more. Contact us for more details if you have such a restaurant.


 All too often, People in the UK, ex pats living in Spain and tourists alike find it very difficult to identify great entertainment at the right price. Well now, it’s here and we offer it all year round!

This site is designed to help you plan your entertainment for the year and  to book in advance if you want to!  Why would you want to book in advance? Well, all of the venues that we use for our shows are purposely chosen to seat between 80 and 130 people which means that some shows actually sell out fast and so you can make sure of your seats early as soon as you decide which shows you want to see!

 Fiona McLean-Day of Jukebox Legends

Fiona McLean-Day of Jukebox Legends

Jukebox Legends - Peter Day

Jukebox Legends – Peter Day




Jukebox Promotions also has it’s own club which members can use to get special offers on tickets. Take a look at the Jukebox Club page on this site for details.

Jukebox Promotions shows provide great music and entertainment that will appeal to everyone from 30 to 100. Created by Peter Day and Fiona McLean of one of the UKs and Costa Blanca’s top acts Jukebox Legends. The aim is to strike a balance that means the audience gets to see top entertainment at affordable prices, a choice of days to see the show of their choice and a choice of venue too! Also, the guest acts get to work on mini tours or special shows and, the venues we choose to work with get to see regular visitors (and new people) which gives them much needed income at this very difficult time time – Everyone wins!

Peter Day from Jukebox Promotions presents a payment to Help at Home (Costa Blanca) representative Norah Bond


Jukebox Promotions Fundraising

UK – Our charity of the year is EACH (East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices)

Costa Blanca – We have supported many charities in Spain including Help at Home (Costa Blanca) and MABS (Murcia)



Our new venture – Check it out NOW!!

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